Hometown Coalition is Working Hard to Improve Community

Hometown Coalition is Working Hard to Improve Community

Nestled between Ohio and Pennsylvania right along scenic Route 2 is Newell, West Virginia, the state’s northernmost town that boasts a rich history of pottery manufacturing. Newell is home to Fiesta Tableware Company, formerly the Homer Laughlin China Company, which formed the area as a company town in 1905. The unincorporated town has just under 1,300 residents, and a small group of citizens is dedicated to improving their hometown.

Newell Bridge in 1906

In 2001, the Newell Community Improvement Coalition formed to provide for the betterment of the town. The group was created to make improvements in the forms of infrastructure, beautification, entertainment and citizens welfare. Being unincorporated, Newell had no government to act on its behalf, so the Hancock County Commission helped organize the group into a 501(c)(3). This status allows Newell Community Improvement Coalition to seek grants and funding for their projects.

The types of projects that the Coalition tackles have a wide range, including concerts in Laurel Hollow Park and community infrastructure. The park, which was a zoo in the early 1900’s, is a great source of pride. The property is leased by the Hancock County Commission from the former Homer Laughlin China Company for the Coalition to develop.

Laurel Hollow Park

“We are so appreciative for the opportunity to make this property a source of pride,” said Bev Enochs, President of the Newell Community Improvement Coalition. “The park has been restored and is used throughout the year for various events. We continue to conduct projects of beautification and community pride.”

The Coalition is always working to create a strong sense of community. “Our organization has never had more than 20 members who bring ideas to the table, and we are proud of what we have accomplished in our 21 years of existence. We are a diverse, positive group of people and all bring ideas and solutions to the table,” said Enochs. Enochs also stated that the Coalition is always looking for energetic, positive members who want to make a difference.

“Communities reflect their citizens. Being part of an organization that works well together to create positivity in town is a source of pride to all our members.”

Members of the Coalition are currently preparing Laurel Hollow for upcoming spring and summer events, including “Music in the Park”. To support the Newell Community Improvement Coalition’s activities, get involved with their projects, or learn more about Laurel Hollow Park, visit their pages on Facebook.

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