Featured Artist: Charli Infante

Featured Artist: Charli Infante

Charli Infante is originally from Hawaii and has been living in the area since 2021. She primarily works in acrylic and oil paint, but also enjoys a variety of mediums including chalk pastel, pen, graphite, gouache, and watercolor.

Some of her new projects include beading on hats and painting on leather. Her favorite subject matters to paint are people, pets, and anything weird or unique. “Art represents freedom and creativity,” Charli told us. “I’m often engulfed in a project and constantly learning new techniques and skills. I love being able to bring my ideas into the world.”

When asked about her time so far as a member of the Top of WV Arts Council (TWVAC), Charlie replied, “I’m new to Weirton, so being part of the Arts Council is a sense of community. I love that we promote creativity to the area be it through the gallery, shows, events, or classes. I’ve met so many wonderful people through the Arts Council. Some of my favorite projects have been the mural in the park at Wellsburg and the Fiesta Tableware mural in the Top of WV CVB.”

Charli brought up some of her favorite memories with the TWVAC. She mentioned the moments before and after a show, or event. She spoke, “You get to interact with everyone and reflect on how the event went. We have great members and it’s been a pleasure being in the Arts Council. I’d love to be more involved with the community. A lot of people still don’t know about us, and we could share the arts if we’re out more in the public eye.”

If you are interested in checking out Charli’s work, her art is on display at the Summit Art Gallery, as well as on Instagram under Not Cursed Art, @notcursedart.

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