Take a step back in time… or better yet, throw away your watch. Nestled in the scenic hills of the Ohio Valley, the fresh creek, Town Fork, and spring-fed lake are surrounded by beautiful woodlands. Austin Lake RV Park & Cabins is 1,300 acres of nature at its best! Come camp with us for a day, a weekend, or an entire summer. Enjoy the peacefulness of the Appalachian foothills. We are a family-oriented campground with a variety of activities for all ages.

Austin Lake activities include hiking trails, a sandy beach, a large picnic area with shelters, four major playgrounds, pedal karts, tube slide, Wibit inflatable obstacle course and planned weekly events.



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  • Ricky Rishel
    Ricky Rishel
    in the last week

    Differently a topnotch place. Everything is very clean. Can't say enough about how beautiful this place is. Great job Bill

  • mark
    5 months ago

    I guess you are not allowed to bring your pets (Family dogs). Because there is nothing in the reviews about having dogs and in the availability of everything else for children and handicap there's nothing about pets. So I guess you're not allowed to have pets. They never tell you this so if I went there and I had my dogs which is all I've got and then they told me I can't have dogs because it's not even in the brochure before I even look at up there would be bad to drive all that way and then have to be turned around because they never said anything about pets

  • Jessica Monti
    Jessica Monti
    2 weeks ago

    Everything about this place was wonderful except, the internet. They do have wifi but you can never get service with it. I like to have my phone in case of emergencies.

  • Dave Kremer
    Dave Kremer
    11 months ago

    Absolutely an awesome and family friendly place to camp. The Owner greeting when you arrive and saying goodbye when you go. Staff is friendly and helpful. Park is clean and many things to do. While the lake is smaller than some it is sufficient for water activities and fishing. While I didn't catch the 'big one's was able to catch enough legal size. I see some complaints regarding pontoon prices. One must factor in fuel costs, wages, maintenance, cleaning, etc. I've seen rentals much higher Austin falls in the upper middle. Bingo was fun, wish it was more often. Kids really liked it. Reptile show was a hit. The road to amd from park is a bit narrow and bumpy, by design or what not sure. Other than that we will definitely be returning on a yearly basis. Really enjoyed our stay. Hope Bill will at the gate every time As he really makes the start of your vacation with a smile.

  • Alessa Bagalio
    Alessa Bagalio
    11 months ago

    Pros: beautiful and well maintained with super fun stuff throughout the park. We had a great time with the amenities and enjoyed our time here with family and hiking! One of the better campgrounds I’ve ever been to. Cons: Was hoping the lake was bigger. We had big plans of renting a boat and tubing but due to the size of the lake we couldn’t spend the large rental price for such a small area. Some staff are very unfriendly and unhelpful. I got several eye rolls when asking if change could be made at the food place and store to cover the laundry change thing that was out of service. The golf cart we rented was set so low for the speed limit of 5 miles per hour it seemed to barely make it up the hill with our family. I had people upset behind me asking why we were going so slow when the pedal was to the floor. My son was not allowed to ride his child’s motorized scooter which is understandable if he was indeed swerving and being unsafe with it but when I asked the owner why scooters weren’t allowed he said because he doesn’t have a license or proof of insurance (mind you this is a kids motorized scooter nothing that would ever need either of those things) when I mentioned that it wasn’t listed that we couldn’t use it on the site he said well I’m the owner so it is what it is. If you don’t want something in your park you should state it on the website! Our shower was the worst I’ve ever used in the family area and ate a bunch of our change. It can only go up to 6 minutes and takes 2 minutes of that six to get warm! It shut off on my daughter because she added all the change at once since there was no note of needing to wait to add more and had to rinse her hair off in the sink. We would maybe come back if coming through the area to another destination. Although very eccentric and big on making sure everyone’s following all his rules the owner was nice. I found the majority of the people we encountered there and staff were not overly friendly. There isn’t much to do in neighboring towns besides the campground so I probably wouldn’t make a special trip again there.