Welcome to Connie’s Corner: Your local family restaurant and catering company. This American diner is the “best little place in Chester”.


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  • Megs Bossilla
    Megs Bossilla
    a month ago

    Fantastic food- I had the Philly cheese steak sandwich. It really hit the spot. Prices were reasonable. And the atmosphere was a nice place for coffee and talking. Even though Sunday morning is a crowded time, I didn't have to wait too long to be seated and have my order taken. The waitresses were very good at keeping the coffee flowing.

  • Dale Hiller
    Dale Hiller
    3 weeks ago

    I live in town, so it's a family favorite. It's one of those spots that closes early and is usually filled with a few locals, mostly seniors. Typically, every table will grant you a smile and a nod. At times, the owner is there and will share a word. The wait staff is always accommodating as well. We've never had a poor attitude, lackluster service, or negative experience. Sometimes, I don't like the corn, or vegetable of the day, but the country fried steak, seasoned fries, and mashed potatoes (white, sausage gravy on all of it) is the perfect dish. My wife enjoys several others (turkey dinner, fish and chips, cod dinner, liver and mushrooms, beefsteak with mushrooms) Their pies are great, too! My mother in law and wife enjoy the apple, but I prefer the graham and butterscotch. They often host a raffle, fund raiser, or gift collection for a local issue or for our veterans. PLUS, they have to go orders if you feel like staying home. I honestly have nothing negative to say of Connie's. Having moved to Chester just a few years ago, it was nice to feel welcomed and to have a warm, wonderful place to have as a default "go-to" right down the street. Give them a try, and tell them Dale sent you!

  • Wendy Ross
    Wendy Ross
    a year ago

    The parking is a little scarce. As we entered the restaurant the woman said sit down anywhere but we only saw 2 dirty tables. Then another woman pointed to a booth in the back. Our waitress took our order in a timely manner, but she wasn’t very attentive or friendly. It was breakfast time and I ordered a breakfast burrito. It was good but my hash browns were only room temperature. It did have a good amount of sausage in it but if it were up to me I’d put less meat and more egg and cheese as there wasn’t very much. It did come with a side of sour cream which was a plus. The coffee was nice and hot. I want to add a very nice older woman helped us with a box and was very kind and extremely pleasant. If she took our order I’m sure our experience would have been much nicer as our waitress just seemed miserable. As a went to ring out I waited approximately 5 minutes while no one came until another woman came to the register also wanting to pay. She knew her by name so I’m guessing they only want the locals here. And before I was even done signing my check she was ringing the other lady out on top of me. So unprofessional. To many unfriendly people at this establishment.

  • Rob
    10 months ago

    Driving through the are on a weekend road trip, our mood that day was soured by a flat tire delay. Tired and turning “hangry,” my friend and I stopped by the closest place we could find to eat only to discover the “cafe” was a casino and did not serve food. Thankfully, they recommended we hit up Connie’s a few blocks away. Best part of the weekend! Food was terrific. The service was friendly. Our waitress had us smiling and laughing. I had the day’s special: chicken pot pie. Five stars, highly recommend. The crust was amazing! I was impressed that the owner herself stopped by every table to check on her diners. If I lived close by, this would by a regular spot to eat. If you live locally or are driving through, make you go and support this locally-own gem.

  • Amanda Moore
    Amanda Moore
    2 weeks ago

    So I actually didn't get any food. I did however arrive at 6 15 ish and they do not open till 7:00. I was with a date he was new to me and he was much older than me basically just stood outside in the parking lot smelling the bacon smell, it was glorious, and talking about self defense. It got a little awkward when he started showing me some moves randomly and very much up close and personal. The people inside could tell I was very uncomfortable apparently. Cause 2 of the cooks I saw the whole time we were talking through the door opened up the door just to make sure I was okay and not being attacked. I don't care if I ate food or not, (did not, he dropped me off hungry anyway) that's going to give them a five-star rating everytime. Thanks guys.