EJ’s Family Restaurant is exactly what you would expect in a small town, family restaurant but with that something special that keeps our customers coming back again and again…..  We treat you like family!

EJ’s has a full service dining room serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner including gourmet burgers from local favorite McElhaney Family Farm; a banquet and party room that seats up to 30 guests; and an ice cream and bakery shop serving Hersheys Ice Cream, fresh pies from Frank’s Pastry Shop, and an assortment of other sweets and treats.


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  • Warren Roscoe
    Warren Roscoe
    7 months ago

    Was in the area and looking for a place to eat. Found these guys from Google. So decided to give it a try. Great friendly service. Nikki was awesome! Loved the cheese sticks. The bacon could of been a touch crisper on my turkey melt. Other than that it was a very good sandwich. Oh the pancakes are tasty. Stole some bites from the wife’s plate.

  • Leia Wood
    Leia Wood
    2 months ago

    We worked with the owners to cater a full buffet dinner for 100 people with beautifully table settings. Both Trudy and Edna and their staff were wonderful to work with. Our food was delicious (we had the stuffed chicken breast and pot roast with all the fixings) along with a large assortment of yummy cookies. They also designed and ordered specifically for us decorative chargers, plates, and table clothes. We were very lucky to work with such caring local business owners who made our event memorable for all the right reasons.

  • donald wooten
    donald wooten
    a year ago

    Went here late afternoon on a Saturday, after going to the Fiesta ware outlet. I was pretty surprised at how nice the inside was. It was clean with cute country chic decor, and the staff were friendly, engaging and helpful. We got the loaded tots, covered in onions cheese and pulled pork, it was delicious. Me and the wife got turkey melt, and a Ruben, I will admit not the best I've had but for 6.40 I would get it again no problem. Fries are fresh, the brew fries are frozen and battered... and delicious. Got the apple fritter with ice cream for 3.99, 10/10 would buy again. And while we were there they had a promotion a free 5 dollar gift card for every 50 you spend. The only problem I found was our kids pizza kids meal were essentially just the little 6 inch frozen pizzas that you can get at savealot for like 4 for 2 dollars. Their meals did come with small ice cream cones, but for the price just let the get aburger or sandwich and have leftovers. Anyway 10/10 plan on going back

  • Greg Strader
    Greg Strader
    2 weeks ago

    I came here a month ago and was very surprised/delighted with the level of quality I received. Both from the waiting staff and the food. During my visit this month, it felt like something had changed. The food quality was severely lessened, the wait staff seemed to be struggling, and other items. We ordered their premium lemonade and never got offered our one free refill. We also saw another table have to have their food heated up right after it was delivered, and our food seemed like it was scraped together. Not an actual prepared meal. I plan to give the place another chance, but was shocked at the change over one simple month.

  • Becky Franks
    Becky Franks
    3 months ago

    Went for late lunch. Asked for a glass of water, was told that they couldn't serve water. Decided to stay and eat. Food was ok. Gravy tasted like it came from a jar or packet, started to taste funny after a bit. My sister found a piece of plastic under her pile of fries. The manager tried to say it was turkey. No it was definitely plastic. No discount was given. Service was slowish even though there were only three tables of customers. Not going back.