If you are looking for great deals on the items you love, come down to Fort Steuben Mall and check out the great values our merchants are offering. It’s the warmth of a community that keeps us wanting to do more to make your shopping experience special.

As the premier shopping destination in the Ohio Valley, Fort Steuben Mall offers convenience along with selection. Over 50 stores, including JCPenney, Dick’s Sporting Goods & Wal-Mart Supercenter.


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  • Misty Bonner
    Misty Bonner
    a week ago

    This isn't the mall from our childhoods, many new and amazing stores!! I love seeing this place make a comeback! Check out the crystal stores for some amazing pieces!!

  • Desi M
    Desi M
    4 months ago

    This poor place needs so much love. To term it a mall seems silly to me, if you go there then you are probably going for just 1 single place because there are no options for shopping really. I do have hopes that things will turn around for it though! There is a need for nice stores in that area.

  • Mongo's Garage
    Mongo's Garage
    4 months ago

    After Christmas we decided to try out the FSM. This is exactly what you would expect an old out of date facility to be, there where only a few brand name shops in the mall with the balance being locally owned establishments albeit not a bad idea but in this case it has been poorly executed. The atmosphere is trailer park at best with maybe a bit of desperation mixed in. It was not a pleasant place to shop.

  • mark zopp
    mark zopp
    3 weeks ago

    Yohman's and Lucky Duck bring new life to the mall. Hope to see continued improvements.

  • Jeff Heiser
    Jeff Heiser
    7 months ago

    This place is all but abandoned. The crazy part is the floor. It's not level and bowed in places. Plus a lot of leaks. Was like walking in a post-apocalyptic landscape. First time I've encountered a functioning bouncy-house in a practically abandoned mall.