Hometown tasty treats of any flavor or design that you can imagine! Walk in, or pre-order your homemade goodies!


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  • Mary Jane’s Stone Baked Pizzeria

    We absolutely love everything from Frank’s!! From the cakes, to the cookies, to the donuts and from everything sweet in between! The owner is super easy to work with and really cares about her products! All of us at Mary Jane’s Pizzeria absolutely love Frank’s!! Don’t wait, go try them!! You won’t be disappointed!

  • Daniel “Dan the Camera Man” Tselepis

    On the advice of a coworker, I got donuts and Brownies. I got a great product, but it was a different cake than my usual donut batter. I will get them again and smile at the professional staff like I did thus time.

  • K Byrne
    K Byrne
    4 months ago

    Best cookies in the world, they brighten up Christmas every year. My grandma used to bring them down with her when she visited for Christmas but moved a year or two back. Christmas wasn’t the same without Frank’s cookies! This year, we asked if they’d be willing to ship a few dozen to us, we didn’t care if every single one broke on the way and Frank’s said sure! Phenomenal customer service too. Thank you for a great Christmas treat y’all!

  • Kevin Ward
    Kevin Ward
    5 months ago

    My favorite bakery of all time Some of the recipes go back 60+ years. Amazing pastries, brownies, cookies , donuts, cakes, and pies. Same outstanding quality year after year. Great owner and staff. Just wish I lived a bit closer, but worth the drive.

  • Tammy Nelson
    Tammy Nelson
    3 months ago

    I never know what nummy treat awaits me! Whether I need a dessert for a dinner party or a treat for myself, this place never disappoints! Plus the staff treat you so well that you feel like you belong there!