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  • Geoffrey Freeman
    Geoffrey Freeman
    4 months ago

    Frank's used to have a great white cake in the past. However I think their Cooks went over to the Giant eagle because they have that same great white cake now. I don't post negative reviews I'm just making a statement because of the fact. And we think they have good pastries.

  • Karen Bertschy
    Karen Bertschy
    4 months ago

    Icing a little sweet & cake was amazing. Soft & moist. Cake was ready in timely matter

  • Roy Cochran
    Roy Cochran
    3 months ago

    I recently went to Franks to get two turnovers. I was very surprised and disappointed. The overall size of the turnovers have shrunk. Also, the amount of filling has been drastically reduced. Looks like I’ll be getting my turnovers elsewhere from now on.

  • Amanda Alley
    Amanda Alley
    3 months ago

    I paid over $10 for 6 donuts and they were disgusting. They were so dry....definitely not fresh

  • Randy Church
    Randy Church
    4 years ago

    Frank's Pastry did a fantastic job with our Wedding Cake. We went in a few months before and ordered a camo cake. This is probably one of the first Franks camo tree style cakes they had ever done, and it looks great. They are one of the best bakeries in the area. Not just because of this cake they have many other baked goods as well