After an exciting day of racing and gaming, Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort offers 101 spacious, comfortable rooms. The upscale, five-story hotel adds 258 rooms, including 20 suites and two presidential suites, to Mountaineer’s existing 101-room lodge. See our many amenities, including our indoor and outdoor pools.



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  • Nick Paglia
    Nick Paglia
    4 months ago

    To all high rollers players. As u see I am the black card member If you want to come the casino that no matter you lost your money but the casino still counting that you win then come here. Because how many of you ever check how much the table games counting you win no matter that you lost??? I catch the casino cheating on my winning lost on the table games and ask for review camera. Instead of review and fix the mistake ,2weeks after I asked for camera review my winning lost on the table games, the casino send a security tell me I am not allowing come back into casino . Thanks to the casino I will not lost any money for them anymore because even the slot machine is terrible great teaser as u see I bet 20-50dollars per hit but NO bonus games over 2hrs.

  • Michelle Dolan
    Michelle Dolan
    a month ago

    1 star because 0 is not an option. I was assaulted in the casino for saying "excuse me" and not "excuse me, ma'am" by a mean old fat lady with a bad attitude. When I spoke to the head of security about this, he was not helpful at all. In fact he said she is fine and they wouldn't be speaking with her. So please know the Mountaineer casino security is not there for your safety. Not sure what their job is, but it isn't the safety of their patrons. Head of security on 2/11/23 @ 1pm. He seemed very annoyed that I felt my safety was at risk due to this woman. So I left. I had planned a couple return visits as their hotel is amazing! However I value my safety more than a nice hotel and some free play. I've canceled all upcoming planned visits & have zero intentions on returning ever. That is sad that people can assault others and absolutely nothing (they didn't even speak to her) is done about it. They can keep their rowdy hillbilly karens as patrons. I'm on my way to Wheeling Casino, because my green money spends everywhere. And I've never had a safety concern there. So much for trying something new 🤷🏼‍♀️ I cannot recommend this Casino to anyone in good faith as it is possible that they'll be assaulted and absolutely nothing will be done about it. They should hold pay per view patrons fighting events since they seem to be overwhelmingly okay with it happening. I will not return!

  • Alissa Kovack
    Alissa Kovack
    2 months ago

    The casino is nice and clean. Love that the bulk of the casino is non smoking. But I'm not here to talk about the gaming floor. I want to chat about the lunch I had on December 26th around 1pm. I expected our meal to be average. However that is not what I got. My chicken sandwich was really tasty and tender. It was the slaw that really surprised me. It was so sweet it reminded me of a Christmas cookie and I wonder now if it's not the best I've ever had. Please send your chef a kudos on a job well done.

  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams
    2 months ago

    Hotel room was clean and a great price . We went on a week day , unfortunately the steak restaurant, sports bar and spa was closed, only one restaurant was opened . If you go, highly recommend “tacos and tequila “ a short drive away! My one complaint was that the upper smoking casino floor filtered thru the entire building,,, I could still smell it in our room. The great part was slot machines were more than generous with bonuses and payouts.. we ended up donating, but you don’t mind if you play for hours !

  • James Szabo
    James Szabo
    3 months ago

    I have been coming to Mountaineer Casino for a long time, it used to be Waterford Park years ago. I finally took advantage of their room promotion and I am very satisfied with what I received. The Tower suite was clean and the bed was very comfortable. No complaint here, huge room with a working TV, small refrigerator, clean bathroom with plenty of hot water. Hopefully will take advantage of this offer again To all who complained about the Casino wins or losses, it is called gambling and you shouldn't bet more then you can afford to lose. I have my bad days also, but the winning ones make up for it.