After an exciting day of racing and gaming, Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort offers 101 spacious, comfortable rooms. The upscale, five-story hotel adds 258 rooms, including 20 suites and two presidential suites, to Mountaineer’s existing 101-room lodge. See our many amenities, including our indoor and outdoor pools.



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  • Nick Paglia
    Nick Paglia
    a month ago

    To all high rollers players. As u see I am the black card member If you want to come the casino that no matter you lost your money but the casino still counting that you win then come here. Because how many of you ever check how much the table games counting you win no matter that you lost??? I catch the casino cheating on my winning lost on the table games and ask for review camera. Instead of review and fix the mistake ,2weeks after I asked for camera review my winning lost on the table games, the casino send a security tell me I am not allowing come back into casino . Thanks to the casino I will not lost any money for them anymore because even the slot machine is terrible great teaser as u see I bet 20-50dollars per hit but NO bonus games over 2hrs.

  • NoMoneyG
    3 months ago

    I had a great time. Hotel was clean & quite. Easy to find & plenty of parking. The pizza at Big Al's was GREAT! Better than most chains or mom & pop places. Casino was also nice. A little understaffed for drink service, but patience & a nice tip goes a long way!

  • Tammy Pringle
    Tammy Pringle
    3 months ago

    Went with a group of 4 and we all lost our money on slots. Announcements were made throughout the evening regarding jackpot winners. I personally did not see casino workers coming out on the floor to unlock the machine and make any payouts but maybe it is done differently there. Overall I always enjoy the drive there and the scenery. Plenty of construction though on the highway and more construction after you ride over the bridge which was 1.00 rt but is now 1.00 each way. I'm not crying about it tho. The casino is fun and clean with plenty of slots and tables. The workers are always friendly, restaurants are good, but we had waited too long to get a room so gotta book in advance over the busy weekends and holidays. Never did experience a concert there wanted to see Ted nugent a few years back but didn't book it. I made my donation and will likely go again in the future. Famous words of a professional loser...maybe next time!

  • Nicotheknee
    4 months ago

    The place is great, but a few major issues. These are issues on the race track. Basically, the turf is a huge problem. Horses race on that turf and get injured. A lot of injuries to horses and jockeys happen on that turf. They need to either fix it or tear it down. Also with the condition book, they never change it up, it’s always the same exact races. It’s kinda lousy. But yet again, I don’t own a racetrack so I wouldn’t know what it is like. I also don’t like how the first race starts at 7:00 at night. Now onto the positive: It is free to enter the racetrack and watch unless it is West Virginia Derby. I also like how you can watch the horses walk in the paddock. They also have a great announcer. That is all for my review. It’s a pretty nice place. It’s a good track for horse racing

  • Kody Baker
    Kody Baker
    a month ago

    For some reason I have always enjoyed this older styled casino in the middle of nowhere. I think it's because there is not another like it. It has a nice older feel to it. The redesigned slot floor if okay not a huge amount of changes overall. They kind of changed from rows of machines to putting them in circles. It's fine.. I kind of liked the rows as it was easier for me to keep up with where I was. haha.