The Panhandle Trail is named after the Panhandle Division of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the abandoned rail line upon which it is built. The Trail stretches for 29 miles from Walkers Mill in Collier Township, PA to Colliers, WV. Length: 29 total (4 mi. WV, 25 mi. PA) Surface: Packed sand; Allowed Uses: Hike, Bike, Cross-country Ski, Equestrian. Weirton to Pittsburgh area Road Access: US Rt. 22.



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  • renie vonGortler
    renie vonGortler
    3 months ago

    Loved the trail. It is partially asphalt. The last 2 miles into Weirton are yet to be done. The people are friendly. The wildlife is abundant (deer, fox, turtles, squirrels, and birds) slight incline but not enough to matter. Distance markers are visible at .25 mile increments. Porta potty at the 1/2 mile point from Weirton trail parking. Lots of picnic areas and benches.

  • Jack Pazin
    Jack Pazin
    a year ago

    Beautiful trail although the parking lot was a bit concealed from the main road. If you go east, the trail will be gravel for about 0.6 miles before becoming paved as you cross into Pennsylvania. You’ll experience about 6.5 miles of gradual uphill (about a 1% grade) and it’s noticeable but nothing crazy, especially if you live in Pittsburgh and run up huge hills daily. I saw about 300 total feet of elevation gain in my 18 mile run when heading east and turning around halfway through. Parking was easy and contained a gravel lot with ample spaces.

  • Barb Mehring
    Barb Mehring
    3 weeks ago

    A safe, flat well maintained walking trail. Not many parking spots at this particular spot, but during the week there’s no worry. Crushed gravel makes for a less messy trail during wet weather. Dogs on a leash are allowed and a few port a potties for your convenience. Look for hawks flying overhead if you get the chance.

  • Tom Creative
    Tom Creative
    2 years ago

    We took the trail both east and west for a while from this parking. It was an easy, flat ride as far as we went, with hills along the side part of the time. The trail passes next to the creek and other wetlands much of the way, and occasionally opens up to a wider view. To the west of the parking are a few small trails that take you directly to the creek. Locals told me there's a small waterfall west as well, but we did not see it. Benches along the way give you a chance to get a rest.

  • Linda Sacripanti
    Linda Sacripanti
    a year ago

    The stretch from Harmon Creek to Colliers is the best part of the trail that I have been on so far. There is even a very convenient port-a-potty.