Scaffidi’s Gnocchi Nook

300 Penco Rd, Weirton, WV

Your New Alternative To Fast Food!

Scaffidi’s Gnocchi Nook is the newest brand introduced by the Scaffidi Restaurant Group of Steubenville, Ohio. The Scaffidi Family has been bringing its award-winning cuisine to the people of the Ohio Valley for over a decade through its brands of Scaffidi’s Restaurant and Tavern. SRG Catering Services, and Scaffidi’s Wings on Wheels. 

In 2021, the Scaffidi Restaurant Group opened its first Gnocchi Nook in Weirton, West Virginia with the mission of bringing a new alternative to Fast Food to the people of the Ohio Valley with its best-selling item – Gnocchi!

Featuring a fully customizable menu with a variety of Homemade Gnocchi, a plethora of toppings to add to your bowl, and the same sauces that people have come to know and love – Scaffidi’s Gnocchi Nook is your next stop for the the Italian Fast Food experience!


Google Reviews

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  • Joseph Purviance
    Joseph Purviance
    4 months ago

    Tasted great and loved the combination of flavors. The menu selection was solid and really liked the monthly specials. With that said I do have a few issues. First off the bowls are way too big! I was expecting a bowl I could eat in one sitting but you could make 2-3 meals out of this. Some people may like this but personally I'm not a fan of reheating. Also, the price was pretty high compared to other food options I'm the area. Yes the quality is worth eating again but the price point makes it something your not gonna want to spend all the time. As of now the bowls go for around $11 I think to solve both the issues I personally have they should also add a secondary option for individual sized bowls at $5.50 or 6. That lowers the price to a point to where I would come back more regularly and I wouldn't be left over with an excessive amount of food.

  • GloriaJWimberley_ GreenSwanica.PROetess

    ✨Exquisite food! Period.✨The conveniently-large portion was enough to share with others. A tad pricey, but genuinely worth it😊, especially for special occasions with family and friends. Thrilled to have another quality restaurant-food option for the small WV towns near Weirton.

  • Ronald Holmes
    Ronald Holmes
    2 months ago

    I'm a door dashing and picked up there and it smelled great had to order for myself. Definitely will be ordering again great.

  • Eric Cork
    Eric Cork
    10 months ago

    Ordered a single bowl to find I had enough delicious food to feed 3 adults and an entire kindergarten class. The pink sauce is where it’s at, folks. Also ordered a meatball for the side, and it was pretty tasty as well. The value is on point. Food pic was taken after I ate my fill, and there is at least a pound left over for lunch tomorrow. 11/10 would order again.

  • Angela Lombardo
    Angela Lombardo
    10 months ago

    We ordered lunch for everyone at work and made it buffet style so we could try everything. It was delicious! The portions are huge, you could easily split into two or three meals. Delivery was right on time. The squash gnocchi was my favorite. The cannoli chips and dip are genius and a huge hit… 10/10