Starvaggi Memorial Pool & Park, located at 144 Starvaggi Drive, Weirton, has been the community’s home of summer recreation since it opened in 1968.

The pool is olympic-size with two water slides and a water volleyball court. The park features top-of-the-line playground equipment to suit every type of kid, from toddlers to 12-year olds. Also on the park site are three tennis courts, two full basketball courts, a roller hockey court, a volleyball/badminton court, three bocce courts and three large picnic shelters.

The pool and grounds were contributed to the city of Weirton by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Starvaggi, in the name of Starvaggi Charities, Inc., and dedicated during the pool’s grand opening on May 30, 1968.

Starvaggi Pool operates only during the summer season, Memorial Day Weekend through the third Sunday in August, and shelters can only be rented during the pool season. The Park Board begins taking shelter rental applications on the first business day of each new year at its flagship office, the Weirton Millsop Community Center, 3420 Main Street, Weirton, WV.

The park and playground remain open year round from dawn until dusk, weather permitting.



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  • Really Raw Rendezvous

    Had a wonderful time atvthe park. Kids loved swimming and playing. We held a birthday there for our nephew. Easily had over 100 people there with ease

  • S C W
    S C W
    7 months ago

    Pool and Park both need maintenance. Playground equipment is broken and rusty in places, needs updated in the worst way. Pool is dirty and the temp is never consistent. Pool definitely needs refinished and repainted, as the bottom is badly chipped and very 7 yr old sliced his toe open pretty bad on a jagged spot. We won't be back until some major renovations are completed here. Would not recommend due to safety concerns.

  • jaylin loar
    jaylin loar
    9 months ago

    The park is great but the pool is a different story. This year the lifeguards are rude, the water is horrendous i was there from 4:30-closing nobody cleaned it not even when I had left.(bandages floating constantly, dusty water, bugs etc), the floor of the pool is chipped and sharp and I’d rather go honestly anywhere else. They recently had a movie night aswell and they didn’t advertise it well. had to pay 10$ when it only announced 5$ and yet again the lifeguards are rude. They kept yelling at anyone swimming by them because they didn’t want to get wet even though that is there whole job. One was also flirting with her “partner” and wasn’t watching any of the kids. TLDR; The pool is not clean or friendly but the park is a good place to take your kids.

  • Ashley Jenkins (Mz. Jinx)

    The bathrooms can be A LOT CLEANER. ITS LIKE NO ONE CLEANS THEM AT ALL AND THEY SMELL SOMETIMES. THEY HAVE ENOUGH STAFF TO PUT SOMEONE ON BATHROOMS AT LEAST 3 TIMES A DAY AND USE SOME DISINFECTANT WHILE THEY ARE AT IT. Other than that the pool area is clean but also noticed the other day while being in the baby pool how rough and sharp the bottom of the baby pool is from the paint it's self, babies kids and parents keep getting cut. I have scrapes all over my legs from the roughness of the baby pool.

  • Richard Russelo
    Richard Russelo
    3 years ago

    One of my favorite people to swim at. Always get some french fries!! Great.