Fresh and flavorsome American food. Serving Lunch and Dinner.

• Riverview

• Indoor/Outdoor Bar & Seating

• Large Portions

• Family Friendly

• Boat Docks


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867 reviews
  • Joe Eafrati
    Joe Eafrati
    6 months ago

    Sitting on the bank of the Ohio river, this place has inside and outside seating. The food was good and the staff were great. We sat outside and watched the boats going up and down the river. They also have docks for boats.

  • Sharleen Johnson
    Sharleen Johnson
    4 months ago

    Would have liked a more traditional type meal with sides but the sandwiches we got here were really good anyway. The locals seem to really enjoy this place as well as people traveling through the area. Nice atmosphere. Pretty view of the Ohio River and mountainside. They have a nice, cozy area outdoors for those that wish to sit and chat for a while. Also, they have a volleyball court for guests to have fun. Overall, it's a nice place to share time with friends over a meal and/or adult beverages.

  • Charlet Bennett
    Charlet Bennett
    5 months ago

    The food was amazing, waitress was great BUT when you get the check for $113 for 4 people...come on now. Really? The 1 pound wings says $7.95 and we was charged $10.95 because the wings were bone in & it's not on the menu stating $10.95 for bone in. IT'S UNFAIR!!!!! WE SHOULD BE REFUNDED ARE MONEY!!!! I'm rating it 2 stars just for the food & comfortable environment.

  • Shawn Lewis
    Shawn Lewis
    3 months ago

    I was passing through and found this place. It was fantastic! The place is nice with a great view. The burgers were pretty good and the bartender did a great job. I will definitely be stopping the next time I come through.

  • Lorenzo Decaria
    Lorenzo Decaria
    4 months ago

    Not sure why I even go here anymore. It's went down hill the last few years. While the salads were always great the fact you can ask to have things put on the side. I don't like the fries in my salad it melts the cheese and I'd rather them be put on the side but they said they don't do that. They can only omit them but not have anything on the side. Thats just ridiculous in the end.