The Best You is for ALL women. Our goal is to make everyone who walks through our door feel comfortable and beautiful. Women’s clothing in all sizes 🙂 Let us help you be the BEST you!


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  • Jenny
    2 months ago

    This business contacted me (via email) b/c I left a couple things in my virtual cart. All I said was, "No thank you. The shipping is way too high for me". (I was interested in two bracelets $3 each and shipping was $8! So I logged off.) The business then emailed me a big, snarky paragraph saying things along the lines of taking reviews seriously and how their prices are better than others etc, etc. I didn't even write a review!....until now, b/c that is not the way you should treat customers. I feel a bit attacked for no reason.

  • Sara Strohmeyer
    Sara Strohmeyer
    10 months ago

    The prices are a little outrageous, I will say we bought a Jean jacket for my daughter last year that was worth every penny. Great quality. Then I went in to grab some stuff for her birthday I ended up buying the jewelry- I spent $36.00 on a necklace that broke as she took it off. They did offer refund/exchange for another item- but not happily. Did not assist or answer me questions as I shopped looking to replace the item that broke with something else she might like. For the area it’s a very cute little shop for teeny boppers- if your willing to deal with the teenyboppers who work there.

  • Emily Bahen
    Emily Bahen
    8 months ago

    I’ve shopped there quite a few times I do like the clothes, accessories, etc. But I will say the last visit was slightly disappointing. The “plus” sized clothes are minimal when there was a section before hand for them so that was the disappointing part. Also the Jean selection for plus size is minimal. Overall not a bad store, nice tops for sure, accessories are great as well. Just need a little more plus size options with more variety. I do still continue to recommend everyone go and check it out though.

  • Kimberly Ivol
    Kimberly Ivol
    a year ago

    This was my first visit to the boutique. The salesperson greeted me as I came in, & asked if I needed any help. She was very pleasant, & we chatted as I looked around. The owner of the boutique was there as well, & she suggested a few items for me to try on. The selection of jeans was a very pleasant surprise. (Of course, I bought a few pairs) The boutique has a little bit of everything.....from socks & bralettes, T-shirts, tanks, leggings & sweats, bath bombs, to very good smelling candles. The decor was very nice as well. The prices were reasonable, & everything was displayed nicely. I will definitely be back, & will b taking my adult daughters. I hope the residents of Weirton support this’s so important!!!

  • Michael G
    Michael G
    a year ago

    You have to check out this hidden gem! Great service, great clothes (for my wife & daughter) and fun accessories. I got a mug! Lol...Between the trendy inventory, great prices and the friendly staff, what more could you ask for!