Authentic Mexican fare, margaritas, cocktails, beers, main dining, mezzanine seating, covered and outside patios, catering and large party room.


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  • Joshua Lamp
    Joshua Lamp
    in the last week

    This restaurant is so real, it really sticks to its name. I gotta say it was so crazy, and the Hispanic staff members were particularly inviting in a way. When I arrived upstairs, it made feel so quirky. I would definitely recommend to any social media acquitted individuals. The sauce they provide was exquisite, but it might need some onion. 10/10, would go again and again. Deliver me pizza Alexa

  • Tazzfreak 88
    Tazzfreak 88
    a year ago

    slow service but great food!!

  • Steve Bitner
    Steve Bitner
    in the last week

    I'm from out of town and not the biggest fan of Mexican food (like my wife is) but this was the best Mexican restaurant meal I've had years. Can't wait to eat it again the next time I'm in town. BTW, good drinks too!!

  • Air
    7 months ago

    Steak fajitas only came with 3 small soft shells that were in tinfoil and just tossed on the bean and whatever else u wanna call it plate honestly unrecognizable to me.. no lettuce no cheese and no taco sauce beans were cold gross and runny and touching everything on the plate I asked waiter for a plate so I can make and eat my fajitas on and for cheese and lettuce maybe some tomatoes and definitely more salsa since I'm going to have to dump it on my fajita because I guess it doesn't come with its own special fajita salsa and he never came back to the table again the chicken salad was only lettuce inside of a taco bowl there was maybe a 1/4 chicken tenderloin at the very bottom she had thought they forgot the chicken until the very end when it was to late to enjoy it with the salad what a joke .. Waiter spoke very little English and got loud with me over some sort of guacamole appetizer he was trying to sell use I told him no thank you and it just wasn't good enough for him honestly if I wouldn't of been on a date I would have had to make a scene and I would have just left it's so simple to make a Fajita and chicken salad so very disappointed was hoping this could be a new local restaurant we could go to from time to time.

  • Renata Cash
    Renata Cash
    2 months ago

    I found this restaurant to be delightful. The staff were professional, efficient, and fun. The food was delicious and I can hardly wait to go back. Looking for good Mexican food and excellent service, you definitely want to try this place.