Steakhouse, Cigar Lounge. 95% Scratch, Fresh Vegetables, Pick Up Window, Private Dining Area for 48 People, Business Booths for Private Meetings, Telsa Charging, Covered Outdoor Dining.


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  • Clint Colbert
    Clint Colbert
    a month ago

    The place was clean, if a little on the dated side. Everything was well kept though, which is a plus. The staff seemed friendly and my server specifically was very nice. The rest of the staff looked a little bored. It was 6pm on a Tuesday and there was live music that was pretty good. Overall, the atmosphere and everything else was nice. The steak (NY Strip) was fairly bland. It was cooked correctly just lacking in flavor. The baked potato that came with it was sadly alone with its salt. There was nothing really wrong with anything on my plate, it was just mediocre. Oh, except the rolls. The rolls came out the temperature of lava, and as the analogy suggests, when they cooled they were rocks. I barely finished the first and could not eat the second.

  • Colin Winters
    Colin Winters
    2 months ago

    I would not recommend because the food tasted freezer burnt and the steak was sourer. The only things that were good was the onion rings and the fried potatoes things. The music was good but loud I could barely hear my family. The service was pretty good everything came out fast, but no surprise to that it looked like everything was microwaved. Luckily we had gift certificate Because it was originally $123 but we paid $23 we wished we would had went to McDonald’s.

  • Brendon Sadler
    Brendon Sadler
    a week ago

    Two is polite… Ordered medium rare, got me well done Ordered crab, got brought shrimp. The fact that this is supposed to be “luxery” eating…. Is hilarious….

  • Larry Deese
    Larry Deese
    a month ago

    My wife had the Salmon and I had Wagyu Strip Steak.....both were excellent and the service was great. The cigar bar is packed with bourbon and scotch. We will definitely be back. Thank you!

  • Lauren Moon
    Lauren Moon
    a month ago

    Our experience here tonight was terrible. It took 10 minutes for the waitress to finally get to us. She was very busy, meanwhile there were three other waiters that were doing nothing and didn't even bother to say your waitress will be with you or even grab us water until we'd been waiting for about 9 minutes. Meanwhile, there was another table where we watched three waiters getting food and assisting that table. Our waitress, when she did get to us, was very nice and helpful. Our rolls were inconsistent. The first set of rolls we got weren't very good or fresh tasting, our second pair was tasty. Our $44 filet minions were not good at all. They were served on top of a broken sauce, which also wasn't very tasty. We both asked for a medium. My steak came out medium well almost well done, while my boyfriend's steak was rare. The steaks had no flavor aside from the, "peppercorn crust" which tasted terrible. Wasn't much of a crust, it tasted like they just dipped it in pepper on the top after they cooked it. We did bring up to the waitress that our steaks weren't consistent. She was very nice, and offered to take mine back. We didn't have her take mine back though, and my boyfriend hadn't realized exactly how rare his steak actually was. He didn't eat about half of his steak because of how rare it was, the waitress didn't seem to notice how much hadn't been eaten. The potatoes were okay at best. The best part of our experience was how nice our waitress was and our wine.