Our specialty cakes, cookies, donuts, and baked goods are the perfect additions to your special occasion.


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  • Resting Bitchface
    Resting Bitchface
    6 months ago

    At 1st I felt bad that I had never discovered this place as long as I have lived here. But now after a year I've steadily watched their products go downhill. The brownies used to be topped with a lot of frosting and were moist and yummy. But now they're just dry with a thin coat of ganache. Also they will sell things over the phone while you're standing right there and then look you right in your face and tell you they are sold out even though you were there 1st. I didn't find that very cool.

  • Mike De Micco
    Mike De Micco
    2 months ago

    Love their peanut butter and fudge donuts with crushed nuts on top. No photo available unless you get a scope down into my belly! They also make great cinnamon donuts with their own whipped icing! Just wish they were open on Sundays.

  • Frank Smolinski
    Frank Smolinski
    3 months ago

    I live in Pittsburgh, PA, but when I want the best in cakes, then I'll drive to Gus's Goodies! And anyone who likes chocolate will LOVE the Death by Chocolate cake!! It's well worth the drive and gas to buy your cakes, pies, donuts, and cookies from here!!!! I picked up a Lemom cake for a friend's birthday, and they're hooked!! You WILL NOT be disappointed with Gus's Goodies baked goods in Weirton.

  • Samiha Elkhayyat
    Samiha Elkhayyat
    3 weeks ago

    They have a great selection of baked goods! I haven’t had the chance to try them all just yet but the ones I have tried taste amazing. Even their paczkis are delicious! I also have to say their staff are super nice and accommodating. Definitely a gem here in Weirton!!

  • Andrew Butler
    Andrew Butler
    2 months ago

    I insist on the death by chocolate cake as often as possible. Very friendly and pleasant staff also. Love Gus's Goodies!