Developed 100 years ago in Newell, WV, Laurel Hollow park was once home to the Newell Zoo! Although the zoo is no longer in existence, the park’s beauty is unmatched. Enjoy a free Summer concert, or visit a different day to admire the space and relax.



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  • dana bazaldua
    dana bazaldua
    3 years ago

    This is a beautiful park and trail that is well maintained with an interesting historical background! If you get the chance and are in the area I would definitely suggest you stop and take a peek inside this enchanted little forest!

  • Les Ell
    Les Ell
    5 years ago

    This place is fantastic. I have lived here for 40 yrs and never knew anything about this place or what it use to be. The community is doing a fantastic job of cleaning and trying to restore the area. Alot of history and old photos of what it use to be. Love the history. Love the trails and the flowers, gazebo are beautiful. The stage that use to be a bear encounter is awesome.

  • Jeff McKee
    Jeff McKee
    11 months ago

    Small park with some interesting history regarding polar bears “Bears Den”. Beware though we did encounter someone making or using smokeable injectable drugs.

  • Haley Stern
    Haley Stern
    3 years ago

    The entrance was hard to find and sketchy to get down in to the park with a vehicle, but the park was quaint and peaceful. There were beautiful flowers. I liked reading the history of this park online and wish there was still more of it preserved

  • Judy Arnott
    Judy Arnott
    5 years ago

    This park is beautiful. It was a famous place to go back in 30' &40's. I'm so proud of the towns people and contributors for giving back to the community a little piece of history. Thank you all very much from a person who came from this town of Newell, West Virginia. Tell anyone and everyone to take a little time out of your vacation and visit our home town. Judy Arnott.