Developed 100 years ago in Newell, WV, Laurel Hollow park was once home to the Newell Zoo! Although the zoo is no longer in existence, the park’s beauty is unmatched. Enjoy a free Summer concert, or visit a different day to admire the space and relax.



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  • Charles Franklin
    Charles Franklin
    6 months ago

    I feel a real sense of history everytime I visit there.

  • Haley Stern
    Haley Stern
    a year ago

    The entrance was hard to find and sketchy to get down in to the park with a vehicle, but the park was quaint and peaceful. There were beautiful flowers. I liked reading the history of this park online and wish there was still more of it preserved

  • vincent shaw
    vincent shaw
    3 months ago

    Nice and relaxing

  • Emily Monroe
    Emily Monroe
    11 months ago

    Great place

  • Lisa Cox
    Lisa Cox
    a year ago

    Beautiful Place