The Weirton Millsop Community Center opened in March 1952 and has been faithfully serving the recreation needs of the entire Tri-State Area ever since. Located in the heart of Weirton’s downtown, and in the shadow of ArecelorMittal Steel (formerly National Steel and Weirton Steel), the 86,000-square-foot facility still proudly displays many links to the steel industry heritage that forged it more than 60 years ago. Among these are the large mural commissioned from Martin P. Couse for the grand opening on March 1, 1952 and the City of Weirton Hall of Fame, both located in the building’s Weirton Room.

Several additions and upgrades have been made to WMCC, which was originally built at a cost of $1.4-million, a sum of money that was raised in only 14 days in 1951, consisting almost entirely of donations, some of which were made by Weirton Steel employees. WMCC is a tribute to the city’s spirit of teamwork and dedication.

WMCC has adapted to the changing recreation and health and fitness needs of the community over the decades and offers something everyone. The facility includes an indoor, heated swimming pool; a 9,600-square-foot gymnasium; three racquetball courts; two multi-purpose courts; two cardio training rooms with state-of-the-art treadmills, cross trainers and recumbent bikes; a selectorized weight training room; a free weight training room; and an aerobic room. There are dressing rooms available for men, women and families.

WMCC also has three large meeting rooms that can be rented for any occasion, including the Weirton Room, which features state-of-the-art audio/visual tools, internet capability and a prep kitchen.

The facilities housed inside WMCC are avialable 342 days a year and its hours are wide ranging to fit almost any individual schedule.

WMCC offers a wide range of membership opportunities and programs to fit nearly any budget.



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  • Lynn Sapp
    Lynn Sapp
    3 months ago

    While the building is old and very well used, the classes in the pool are good. Ask for Jane-she's fabulous! The workout rooms appear more than adequate, I've yet to visit them. The staff are friendly and very helpful. Positive environment to begin the improvement on one's health journey!

  • Marie Holt
    Marie Holt
    a month ago

    The pool was freezing! I talked to three different people with three different answers on the temperature of the pool from 70 , 75, and then 81 degrees (the highest temperature from the most authoritative person and the most inaccurate) when questioned about why we weren’t told the pool heater was out I was told they do not have to tell me. I was also told if I didn’t want to be here they didn’t want me here. They were very rude and my children were very upset with the experience that could have easily been prevented with honesty from the start. I am more upset about the unprofessional behavior than I am about the pool! Things happen pools break but I expect you to be upfront and honest with me from the beginning.

  • Sharesse
    a month ago

    I called to get some basic information about the pool and the customer service was snotty and rude. Nobody wants to pack up small children to come and see if they can swim. I asked if we could come anytime during operating hours she responded with "we will cross that bridge when you come". We are new to the area and we were just looking for some resources for different things for our kids to do. If employees can't even be polite on the phone,I can imagine an in-person experience would not be pleasant.

  • Mike H.
    Mike H.
    2 months ago

    Family had a kids pool party here. The place is run down and the foundation around the pool is cracked. The party was supposed to be private but the staff let random people share the pool. Staff didn't communicate timeline or and details.

  • Harry Palmer
    Harry Palmer
    6 months ago

    This place is a dump and stinks of foul odors. It was great in it's glory days 50's & 60's. This community center was built on funds extorted from Weirton Steel employees back in the late 40's and early 50's. All Weirton Steel Employees had to donate 1 day of wages over 5 pay periods over three years if they wanted to keep their job. At one time there was a youth center downstairs for dancing and a snack bar but it's long gone and replaced with gymnasium equipment for steroid heads to work out.