Nestled in the scenic hills of northern West Virginia, Mountaineer Casino Resort is one of the premiere resort destinations in the state! The area’s only full-service resort and casino featuring world-class thoroughbred racing, located on the beautiful Ohio River in the northern panhandle of West Virginia.



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  • Steve Chapman
    Steve Chapman
    a week ago

    Seems like Mountaineer is on the slow decline. Casino is fine with all new machines, but there was no atmosphere as it was empty! Friendly staff but the restaurants are closed during the week. We always enjoyed the Mahogany bar on previous visits, but it was closed. No where to get breakfast in the morning, unless you want a microwaved sandwich! We used to visit every six months, not sure we will be back. Very sad in a way.

  • James Keller
    James Keller
    in the last week

    May be ? First time back since Covid ?🤔🥺 many new changes ,new games, new set up , friendly service ! New card ready to go ! Spent a few hours there ! I ride my cycle along the Ohio River when nice . Stopped to see the changes! Looks very good ! Surprised some ? Is the Harv " permanently closed now ? I'll hope not ! No concerts ? I'll definitely be back ,on my next river ride ! Look forward to staying the nights again ! Good memories !

  • Beth Schulte
    Beth Schulte
    3 months ago

    I love playing here but I really miss the seafood buffet. I think once they eliminated all buffets that it really hurt attendance. People want the full experience. Dinner, drinks, followed by fun and games. The other restaurants are great but I think their buffet was the big draw!

  • BD69
    a week ago

    The rooms a VERY EXPENSIVE and I will NOT pay those ridiculous prices. If they want people to gamble, the rooms shouldn’t be so expensive, not to mention that the last 3 times we were there for about 2 hours each time, we didn’t see ANYONE win anything. I was told a company from Canada owns the hotel and casino now. I will go elsewhere in the future.

  • Jake Cahall
    Jake Cahall
    a week ago

    Honestly feels like a hospital got into the entertainment business. Not a very friendly or fun time. Watching those people pull the lever all day is sad. I thought other "fun" casinos were depressing, this blew my mind; i will not be back.