Nestled in the scenic hills of northern West Virginia, Mountaineer Casino Resort is one of the premiere resort destinations in the state! The area’s only full-service resort and casino featuring world-class thoroughbred racing, located on the beautiful Ohio River in the northern panhandle of West Virginia.



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  • Beth Schulte
    Beth Schulte
    a month ago

    I love playing here but I really miss the seafood buffet. I think once they eliminated all buffets that it really hurt attendance. People want the full experience. Dinner, drinks, followed by fun and games. The other restaurants are great but I think their buffet was the big draw!

  • Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah Armstrong
    a month ago

    Brought my daughter here for her 21’st birthday with 7 other people to celebrate. We booked 3 rooms months in advance and they wouldn’t let her in the casino. She had a valid state id from Ohio but because it was paper (because that’s all they give you) they would not accept it. They let her drink at the bar in the restaurant but would not let her in the casino. Ruined our entire trip

  • Dahn Tahn
    Dahn Tahn
    9 months ago

    This place was empty last night compared to the way it used to be. The set up is nice inside, and very clean. but the machines are too tight. I don't care If I lose the money I take to a casino, but at least let me play for a while. Playing $1 a hit, the highest wins I received were mainly .20 cents. Playing max bet increased those wins to .40 cents. I'll stick to Detroit where they give you a room, the actions great and always live music.

  • Steve Klein
    Steve Klein
    2 weeks ago

    Nice place started out with some nice fat 35-1 wins on straight up roulette got me a good head start in wins for the eve. Migrates to the house tracks and couldn’t lose!! It was just one of those a awesum nights you dream of. I ended up staying for many hours and left a WINNER! highly recommend!

  • Ami Stevenson
    Ami Stevenson
    3 weeks ago

    This casino really isn't that great to be honest. Not only is it in the middle of nowhere but the outside of the building needs some serious TLC. Staff are great and friendly. The food leaves a bit to be desired and unless you choose to visit on a Friday or Saturday (the casinos busiest time), you won't be able to eat at the "fine dining" restaurant because it's only open on Friday and Saturday evenings. Now let's address the hotel "resort" portion of this casino. First problem is that one side of the hotel has no elevator (the lodge). It's walk up only. When the tower portion (which has an elevator) is full, your only option is the walk up. The second problem is that you can't book a single bed room (which would be cheaper). The only options are double queen or double king, and it's pricey. They tack on a "resort fee" on the rooms (an extra $16 plus tax) to the already ridiculous room rate, and the rooms have ZERO room service available. You can't order from the restaurants in the casino and have it delivered to you. If your room is in the lodge, prepare to walk all the way to the restaurant and all the way back. Housekeeping will bring you towels or sheets but they will NOT clean your room until you check out. This place is run with bare bones staffing. If you're there just to gamble then this would be perfect for you, but if you're booking a room here for an anniversary or special occasion, thinking you're about to get a real "resort" experience, save your money and book elsewhere. Trust me. Overall the place is OK for where it's located and it's nice for gambling but I wouldn't go out of my way to book a room there for a vacation resort experience. Although I hear that the pool is pretty good in summer and the "spa" is also sufficient. Don't take my word for it tho, go check it out for yourself if you're ever in the middle of nowhere West Virginia panhandle !