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  • Crissy Smith
    Crissy Smith
    a year ago

    I absolutely adore sweet temptations! The shop is so warm and inviting, the food is do die for. Her talent as a baker is just amazing her sweet treats are so beautifully made , most of the time I just want to admire instead of eating. With all of that , the biggest part of this shop is the ladies ! Very professional they are all so wonderful and make you feel like family.

  • Daniel Kennedy
    Daniel Kennedy
    2 years ago

    Where to begin? An understanding of balance of ingredients is essential, and my goodness, the confection maestro here understands that so well. From the sweeter items on the menu and in the case to the more savoury, every item here touches the palate beautifully, and you can really feel the care put into every dish. I live 4 hours away (round trip) and I will be happily coming back again for more.

  • Lisa Moore
    Lisa Moore
    a year ago

    Ate there one other time a few years ago, and we thought it was really good but also very overpriced, so we haven't been back in awhile. This last time, the husband and I ordered ahead a half dozen maple bacon pecan rolls to pick up on a Saturday morning. $29. When I brought them home and opened the box, they were just big flat cinnamon rolls with bacon on top. No pecans. When we took them out, they were big and slimy, dripping with icing. I am also a home baker so I could see right away that the rolls were not proofed, but rolled out and tossed in the oven without letting them rise a second time. They came out extremely pale, flat and doughy, not light and fluffy and browned like a cinnamon roll should come out. We tried our best to eat them, but we found them to be so revolting we felt sick to our stomachs even trying to attempt it, and ended up throwing them all in the garbage. They were nothing short of disgusting. No exaggeration. So gross. I cannot understand how a top notch pastry chef would ever think to attempt to sell such a disgraceful product to one of their customers. $29 in the trash. Never again.

  • Taylor Dayton
    Taylor Dayton
    a year ago

    Thank you to Vanessa and the wonderful staff at Sweet Temptations for making this cake for our sons 3rd birthday! It looked amazing and tasted even better! My first time coming here and will absolutely be back!

  • R Hill
    R Hill
    7 months ago

    Wonderful food in a charming little shop! Definitely worth a little bit of a wait for a meal of this quality. Everything is homemade, including the bread. The tomato bisque soup was outstanding. We got sundried tomato/pesto and artichoke/spinach grilled cheese sandwiches so that we could split them and try both. Wow! Impossible to pick a favorite. So delicious! Can't wait to try some of the other soups and sandwiches. Took a large cupcake home to my MIL and she was licking the paper to get every crumb. Delightful!