Experience Theo Yianni’s Greek Restaurant, offering authentic Greek food and much more! Theo Yianni’s provides the best homemade Greek food at the best price. We also have a wonderful beer and wine selection.


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  • Cali sees
    Cali sees
    4 months ago

    The service was fast and friendly. The food was all mostly good. Was not a fan of the lobster bisque as it has no taste of lobster just more of a fish taste. The pork chops and fries tasted great and so did the spicy sausage soup. The fish platter was also great including the asparagus.

  • Phillip Strano
    Phillip Strano
    5 months ago

    A first-time visit to this bustling restaurant on a Friday night revealed a pleasant ambiance. Opting for the bar, we experienced friendly and prompt service, complemented by a delightful selection of specialty drinks. While the food was generally good, my only gripe was that my gyro notably lacked tzatziki sauce.

  • Dave Mazon
    Dave Mazon
    a year ago

    I really wanted to like this place. We were driving along and saw a billboard sign for it. So, I added it as a stop along our route to home. It looked cool from the outside. Our server was quite friendly, but seemed stretched a bit thin. The overall service of the restaurant itself seemed a bit slow/lacking. I'm not sure if that was from having restaurant patrons spread out between three distanced sections - outdoor seating, bar area and indoor dining area, or just management issues/workflow logistics. There seemed to be plenty of staff. It wasn't just our table/server, I heard the table behind us- a table of five or so, and a small child, say the same thing and they had a different server. Now to the food. The iced tea came out cloudy. Perhaps that may seem as if splitting hairs, but it also shows improper preparation and negatively impacts the flavor. I'm paying for the overall experience and eating out is not cheap. The flaming saganaki with fried pita was good. Again, our server shined as she brought it out and presented it - well done there. The small Greek salad was good as well. No complaints there, fresh romaine lettuce, feta, house dressing, four small kalamata olives, a few red onions slices, cucumber and tomato. I ordered the gyro platter. There were half inch to 3/4-in pieces of raw white onion in a pile on one quarter of the plate. On another corner of the plate was a thick tzatziki, sans cucumber or dill that I could tell. There was diced tomato under the triangular pita pieces. The diced tomato seemed like it had been prepped sometime ago or were somewhat overripe - a bit mushy/mealy. The pita came in small triangular sections that were kind of awkward to incorporate into the meal. The meat came in a large heaping pile in the center of the plate and was dry, somewhat crumbly and lukewarm. I would rather have less meat, and it be higher quality/presentation. I had a few bites and was finished. I had the rice pilaf as a side and it was just okay. I wanted to give this place a full chance, as Greek/Mediterranean - of my favorite cuisines. My daughter and I looked at desserts and opted for the baklava. It's a Greek American restaurant, right? I also ordered a coffee, black. As you can see from the picture, the baklava was not made well. I've made baklava which has given me all the more appreciation for good baklava. I also know, the longer it sets- the better it is. Each layer of phyllo dough should have butter and honey applied. The baklava was dry throughout, and honey seem to have been sporadically applied. Some parts of the baklava were incredibly dry. The bottom layer of the phyllo dough was soggy, which is weird, altogether. For the next half hour, the roof of my mouth and tongue were dry and rough from the thick layer of dry cinnamon in the middle of the baklava. When I ordered coffee, I was told a fresh pot would be made. The coffee that came out to me, tasted burnt as if it had been sitting on a burner for quite some time. I ended up leaving loads of food on the table, instead of packing it in to go boxes, because I did not want to take it home, just to throw it away. ~$73 dollars for two to eat. Definitely not worth the time or the money.

  • Liz Lobo
    Liz Lobo
    a year ago

    I love this place! Ordered the Flaming Saganaki for the first time and it was the best fried cheese I’ve ever eaten. All of the foods here are delicious from the Greek menu items to the more local Pittsburgh-Style sandwiches. The Greek Fries are my favorite along with the Baklava Cheesecake. Service is always great and I’ve never eaten here that I haven’t had the owner/manager personally visit the table to see how we were doing.

  • Jordan Dever
    Jordan Dever
    a year ago

    You simply cannot go wrong with Theos. We’ve eaten here many times and always try something new and have yet to be disappointed. Everything is so fresh even for take out & the customer service is phenomenal (thank you Margie for being so sweet!) You only live once, get the baklava cheesecake 😍