So many flavors of ice cream! Non-dairy options are available. Grab some of your favorite candies as well from their large selection, and enjoy a book!


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  • Samantha Beatty
    Samantha Beatty
    8 months ago

    Adorable ice cream/ candy/ book store. The book selection in the library portion is all very relevant and exciting. The ice cream is absolutely amazing. It's all from Wisconsin. So many different flavors and sundaes you can create. I highly recommend coming if you are in town.

  • Kimberly Oxley
    Kimberly Oxley
    2 months ago

    I have a dairy allergy, and I was so happy to see they have dairy free options. I was sad that they had stopped serving the oatmeal cookie one recently. It's the best dairy free ice cream I've ever had. But they have other options. I'm not a big fan of dole because it's basically like sherbert, but I always find something I like. The kids that work here work hard. This place is almost always busy or packed. We go for books and ice cream but I think most go for the ice cream. They make so many fabulous treats. They also have a unique and fun selection of candy. The books available are good and well priced.

  • Riley Jones
    Riley Jones
    12 months ago

    Very cute ice cream shop/book store/candy store hybrid. The ice cream menu is very extensive with many flavors from The Chocolate Shop. Very generous with scoop size, I ordered 2 scoops of two different flavors and could only finish one.

  • Allen
    a month ago

    This place is great; really good selection of novels, specialty candies & the ice cream I got was fantastic. Very relaxed atmosphere & they even do pup cups for your fuzzy babies. Will be back!

  • Gayle Harrison
    Gayle Harrison
    2 weeks ago

    Great book store, candy store, ice cream. Also has Hawaiian Ice. Many options