So many flavors of ice cream! Non-dairy options are available. Grab some of your favorite candies as well from their large selection, and enjoy a book!


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  • Riley Jones
    Riley Jones
    2 months ago

    Very cute ice cream shop/book store/candy store hybrid. The ice cream menu is very extensive with many flavors from The Chocolate Shop. Very generous with scoop size, I ordered 2 scoops of two different flavors and could only finish one.

  • BreAnna DeSarro
    BreAnna DeSarro
    a week ago

    A friend of mine took me here today for my birthday (which was yesterday), and I absolutely love this place. When my friend told me they sold books, candy, and ice cream i thought it sounded like heaven. I love ice cream and candy almost as much as I love books. And when I say I love books I mean I absolutely love them. I am constantly reading. Ok on to my review. First things first; Service. I believe it was the owner who served us and he was very kind. Secondly; Ice Cream. I got 2 scoops of strawberry cheesecake ice cream and I believe my friend got salted caramel. I've seen other people comment that it was expensive and I do agree. But it was worth every penny. The best ice cream I've had so far. Third; Books. They had a very good selection of books. I found so many that I've been wanting to get for a while. I usually buy my books used from Amazon in like new or very good condition, just because it is cheaper. I liked this place so much though I don't mind paying a little extra. Altogether, we got the 2 ice creams and 11 books, the total was around 164$. I don't think that's bad at all. All in all; I had an amazing experience and I will definitely be back. Thank you so much.

  • Scott Lawrence
    Scott Lawrence
    a month ago

    9-2-2023. My lovely bride and I visited Prime 360 of Weirton today. She had a desire for ice cream. Upon arrival, we were greeted by an associate who took our order. They quickly prepared our ice cream order, which included black raspberry shaved ice and Serious ice cream. The Serious ice cream consisted of salted caramel ice cream with sea salt fudge and salted cashews, a delectable combination. I highly recommend Prime of Weirton for there many flavors of ice cream and shakes, as well as their shaved ice.

  • Aronna Dingess
    Aronna Dingess
    3 months ago

    Get the ice cream nachos, you will not be disappointed!!! So many amazing toppings, sauces and extras. Super fast service and very friendly employees. Highly recommend!!

  • Brandee Youngclaus

    This is literally a wrap up of all my favorite things. A book store with specialty ice cream flights, old candy, and butterbeer floats? Are you kidding me? Spectacular. Can not recommend this place enough. The staff is lovely, they offer ice cream nachos & specialty fireball shave ice as well. It's an introvert & extrovert paradise. Just taste a sample of the blue moo ice cream and thank me later!