The Ohio River town of Wellsburg has an interesting blend of history, culture, and outdoor activities. Wellsburg was the home of the last surviving member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Patrick Gass, as well as the first glass factory in West Virginia. The first county museum in the state, The Brooke County Historical Museum and Cultural Center, offers the opportunity to explore the county’s history. 

Since 1979, Wellsburg hosts Applefest each Fall to celebrate the apple industry. The first Grimes Golden apple tree was found just east of Wellsburg, and this variety remains a favorite for cooking and cider making. Legend has it that Johnny Appleseed floated down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh to plant the trees in the area.

Visitors to Wellsburg often stay at the Historic Sarah Miller House, the Barn with Inn, and Brooke Hills Park. Each venue offers a unique retreat into the charm of Wellsburg. Drover’s Inn is another stop that can’t be missed. The 1848 inn was converted into a restaurant and tavern that features vintage décor and furnishings with the best wings in the Northern Panhandle.