Featured Artist: Everett Metz

Featured Artist: Everett Metz

Everett Metz is a lifelong resident of the Ohio Valley. He is a husband, father, and grandfather that worked for Weirton Steel for 30 years before retiring. Metz is not only a visual artist; he is also a musician and storyteller. “Ever since I was a small boy, I found enjoyment in sketching the world around me,” Metz said. “I create my artwork in acrylic on slate, oil on canvas, pen & ink drawings, and even chainsaw carvings. I grew up in a home where music was an integral part of my childhood. My mother and two sisters both played the piano. Now, I have been performing music in various venues around the Ohio Valley for over the past 50 years.”

In addition to being a member of the Top of West Virginia Arts Council (TWVAC), he is also a member of the Tamarack Foundation Creative Network. As a member of the TWVAC, Metz said, “I have found the networking and experience from these creative, diverse, experienced artisans to be valuable in my consideration of new projects and their direction.” When asked about his experiences with the group, he added, “I view the Art Hop on October 29, 2022 as one of the most memorable experiences I have had with the group. This event is valuable because it shows the community the importance of the arts and the program opportunities for adults as well as children.”

A new project for 2023 is underway for Metz. He created a website to showcase his art, release original songs, and post his stories. When describing this project, Metz explained, “It is a combination of all three of my artistic interests: music, visual art, and storytelling. The project is challenging but I find personal satisfaction in creating a platform to share my work. …I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.” Each month, Metz publishes a chapter of his novella, “The Saga of Jake Reynolds and the Daniels Family” to the site along with art and music to complement and enhance the story. The art illustrates the beauty of the landscape and the day-to-day activities of westward migration and settlement of a group from Wheeling, Virginia.

Check out Everett’s work, and read the next chapter of his story on his website:

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